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  • History Fair
    History Fair
    Riding the rails during "The Great Depression"
  • 3rd Grade Class
    3rd Grade Class
    Achievement Awards
  • Principal Award
    Principal Award
    Students are awarded for outstanding academic achievements
  • Christmas Play 2014
    Christmas Play 2014
    Students engage in theatrical biblical reenactments.
  • Sports
    Basket Ball - Students enjoy sport activities. Fun Fun Fun!
  • Music Ensembles
    Music Ensembles
    Music education - Private lessons are available
  • Outdoor Education
    Outdoor Education
    Organized learning that takes place in the outdoors. Nature reflects the love of God our creator.
  • Biology Class - Frog Dissection
    Biology Class - Frog Dissection
    Student explore and learn about anatomy.
  • STEM - Robotics
    STEM - Robotics
    Practical hands on applications for learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. (STEM)
  • Choir Ensembles
    Choir Ensembles
    Students take part in choir ensembles. They listen to each other and learn to sing harmony with other students. This brings joy to the heart!